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— Daily Tune 11/05/2018

Gabe Gurnsey – ‘Ultra Clear Sound’

Usually, Gabe Gurnsey is fifty percent of acclaimed techno outfit Factory Floor which is mostly known for its pumping and eclectic way of designing efficient dance music. It’s probably no surprise that Gurnsey would sooner or later get interested in exploring different structures. His forthcoming solo debut Physical does exactly that as he’s heading for more traditional songwriting territory. Gurnsey remains in electronic territory though. His debut single Ultra Clear Sound is a sharp piece of 80s-infected synthpop but it’s more than just a simple ‘retro’ affair as it definitely feels like a 2018 record. The one and only Erol Alkan produced the album, so you can be sure to expect high quality dance sounds when the LP Physical hits the stores on August 3.

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