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— Daily Tune 20/02/2018

Georgie – ‘Too Much TV’

Did somebody already try to establish the phrase ‘Generation procrastination’? Well, I think since we are living in the age of binge-watching and denial of certain responsibilities that would make way too much sense. Mansfield-based troubadour Georgie might agree as her latest single Too Much TV deals with that issue although she takes it to a societal level as well when she explains: ‘I was inspired by my personal life and also by society and how it feels that we should all conform and belong to something, when actually doing that can make us feel very lost so we just gotta be ourselves. ‘ Aside from the message Too Much TV is a powerful and catchy piece of soul pop that should work as the perfect door opener for Georgie into the world of pop. An EP by the same name arrives on March 16.

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