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— Daily Tune 22/02/2022

Bittersweet Melancholia And Tender Hope Join Forces On Gracie Gray’s “Anna”

Following a string of acclaimed singles LA-based indie musician Gracie Gray just dropped her second album Anna a few weeks ago and if you aren’t tired yet of dreamy songwriter sounds with folk attitude, delivered by a profound talent then you should give it a spin. The title-track is a fitting introduction into the lush microcosm of Gray and a truly wonderful little gem that mixes a certain melancholic undertone with a hopeful spirit. Still, it comes with a bitter notion as the artist explains that the song is about people who just aren’t able to function well in relationships. Gracie Gray explains: “It’s about feeling like issues in your head keep messing everything up, but not blaming yourself for that. Kind of the opposite – it’s promising to be there for yourself even if you feel inadequate in loving others for a while.” If you’re feeling the love for Gracie right now, make sure to also check out the entire album which is out now on Hand In Hive Records.


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