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— Daily Tune 11/06/2020

Gurr’s Andreya Casablanca Goes Solo With “Talk About It”

You’re probably familiar with Andreya Casablanca’s day job in German rock duo Gurr, last seen stretching their sludge-pop wings with a cover of Blur’s classic Beetlebum. She’s now stepping into the solo ring, and her first single Talk About It takes her onto turf well outside Gurr’s territory. What she’s conjured up here is slick, streamlined glam-pop. Musically, it pulls a lot of inspiration from that mid-2000s era where dance-pop and indie started to blend into each other – it for some reason it reminds me a little of a cleaner, tighter version LCD Soundsystem at their poppiest. There’s a little grit and edge in it too, and combined with the sparkle in the melodies and the sharp songwriting it makes for a smart, streetwise song that will make you excited to see where this project goes next. It’s out now on Doris Records.

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