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— Daily Tune 14/10/2020

HAERTS’ Dreamy “For The Sky” Gets Extra Help From Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste

Sometimes dreams can come true. In the case of German indie pop duo HAERTS it’s not just about having successful career in the US indie scene. In the case of their new single For The Sky we’re literally witnessing a dream coming true on this one since it features Grizzly Bear‘s very own Ed Droste as duet partner; something singer Nini Fabi first imagined in a dream. She explains: “The song came from a dream I had when I first found out that I was pregnant, which was the catalyst and beginning of writing the new music. When we finished the demo for the song I kept hearing Ed’s voice and just thought he would sound amazing on it.” The duo however didn’t know him at the time, but were huge fans. “When we reached out we honestly thought we’d never hear from him,” the singer confesses but Droste replied and after a short studio session For The Sky was born and it became a truly wonderful little piece of indie-pop sweetness. May it encourage you to make your dreams true as well.

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