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— Daily Tune 09/11/2018

Hatchie – ‘Adored’

Alright, this is probably the final time we’d like to file Australian newcomer Hatchie under the label ‘hidden treasure’ because worldwide stardom is only a matter of months. In July we already recommended you the hazy Bad Guy as well as her entire debut EP Sugar & Spice, now she returns with another outstanding piece for the Adult Swim Singles series. Adored delivers all the strength that made me fell in love with her music earlier this year. There’s her ability to perfectly capture the retro sound of early 90s dream pop á la Slowdive and Cocteau Twins and give it a slick modern twist. And it’s also just a pretty good piece of pop music; you can’t deny that. Hatchie‘s affection to chronically put one layer too much on her already huge-sounding shoegaze pop might be a bit too much for a few people but I really enjoy it and can’t wait for an entire full-length in 2019.

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