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— Daily Tune 16/09/2021

Helven’s “U My Homie” Is An Honest And Beautiful Ode To Friendship

U my homie is definitely not the worst compliment one can get and if you get it in the form of such a wonderful song like that new single by Norwegian artist Helven it gets even better. The 21-year old songwriter presetns a shimmering, laidback piece of dream pop with an honest message and emotional depth. The lyrics for the song were pulled from text messages and notes the artist wrote whilst helping her childhood friend through a tough time. Helven explains: “It’s about the journey we had together, what it is like to help a friend, the ups and downs, and the strength of the friendship in adversity” she explains. “I used texts from that period to write the lyrics. It’s all the things we used to say to each other during the toughest times, without anyone else understanding what they meant. Instead of saying ‘I love you, you’ll get through this’, we said ‘I know you, u my homie'”. Well, we got nothing to add to these beautiful words – except for letting you know that her debut EP volume 1 is set for a release via Jansen Records next January.

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