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— Daily Tune 21/09/2021

Hembree Mix Irreistible Disco Vibes With Political Substance On “Operators”

Anyone in for a funky kickstarter to get your day going? We got just the right piece of music for you today in the form of Operators, a brand new piece of music from Kansas City-based indie-pop outfit Hembree. The groove – crafted with friend Bodye – is irresistible, the drums are kicking, the vocals of Isaac Flynn are crooning and on top of it there’s also a sweet saxophone solo by the band’s friend Henry Solomon (who previously worked with Haim) in there. Despite the disco vibes the song actually transports a political nod to the hell ride that 2020 has been as Flynn explains: “I wrote it right when all of the protests started in the summer, and the chorus in particular is about when the officers, national guard and even some of the city officials would act like they were with the protestors in solidarity, and then turn around and gas and attack them. That’s where the idea of ‘they’re saying: tell me where you want me to be, tell me what you want and you need, you can tell me’ originated from. They were acting like they were there to help, but it was all for show. It all felt almost cartoonishly villainous to me.” Kind of interesting subtle dark undertone to this uplifting piece, don’t you agree? Following the previously released Reach Out this new song is another teaser from the band’s second studio album which follows their 2019 debut House On Fire. So, make sure to keep Hembree on your personal radar for the future.

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