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— Daily Tune 25/06/2019

Henrik Lindstrand – ‘Havet’

The slightly older indie kids of you do remember Danish independent rock institution Kashmir, right? But did you also know that their member Henrik Lindstrand is an acclaimed composer for film and televison who contributed music for shows like The Exception and Gey Zone? Ever since his main band went on hiatus a while ago Lindstrand created this wonderful new musical cosmos for himself and the freshly released new album Nattresan is a testament of that. Translated the title means ‘night tavel’ or ‘night journey’ and that suits the tender record pretty well. Havet is a fine example here, a short yet beautiful little lullaby. According to Lindstrand the track is dedicated to the sunset in Veddinge Bakker, a place on the west coast of Sealand. ‘It represents the feeling of escaping the big city,putting everything on stand-by for a moment,’ he explains and honestly, we couldn’t think of a more fitting Daily Tune to start your day today.

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