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— Daily Tune 03/04/2019

HeyRocco – ‘Destroyer’

HeyRocco deliver grunge at its finest with their first single since the sophomore EP Waiting on Cool in 2016. Destroyer could easily mingle in an epic Best-of-Grunge playlist, echoing 90s heroes like Nirvana and Pavement. What is expected to be an eardrum-bursting rock track starts off a little less aggressive than the title implies. The laconic vocals fit like puzzle pieces into the subtle but groovy guitar licks. Distorted electric sensibilities give Destroyer some extra flavour, while the chorus ‘I’m not the reason that you smile’ unleashes a strong drum-heavy attitude without turning into the basic angry grunge single. Instead HeyRocco deliver a refreshing modern take on the 90s tinged rock formula and we hope you’ll enjoy this as much as we do.

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