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— Daily Tune 06/07/2021

Swiss Trio HOLM Reveals Tender Post-Rock Bliss On “Flickering Leaves”

One might easily argue that the heydays of post-rock are gone and honestly I can’t blame you if you do. Because who else is there left besides Mogwai, right? But in its own niche and thanks to talented musicians the genre survives and HOLM from Zurich pass own that spirit. The Swiss three-piece makes mesmerizing, slow-paced cinematic instrumental music that really works as a true alternative to these accelerated times where everybody appears to be talking all the time. HOLM slow down the tempo and I highly recommend you to check out their 2019 debut LP Through Windows. Their latest track, Flickering Leaves, is another teaser of the album’s follow-up In Gardens which Alessandro Giannelli (drums), Dimitri Käch (guitar) and James Varghese (bass) will carefully tease throughout the next months until it’s finally released in January. The song remains a a gentle affair, built upon reverberating guitars and fragile percussion. It’s almost a shame that it’s only three and a half minutes long because that whole feeling could have latest longer if you ask me. For those of you in need of a musical form of relief this song could easily save your entire day.

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