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— Daily Tune 15/05/2018

Holy Esque – ‘I Am The Truth’

Back in 2016, Scottish indie-rock four-piece Holy Esque delivered one of the year’s best debut albums with their powerful and highly emotional debut At Hope’s Ravine. After over a year of total radio silence we are more than happy to welcome the furious group back with a new single called I Am The Truth. And even better than that: they’ll release an entire new full-length next month. Television/Sweet is the name of their second album which arrives on June the 8th. And judging from this first single they surely haven’t lost their touch for heart-wrenching melodies. Pat Hynes’ distinctive voice is still the centre of this powerful music and it gives it the amount of emotional depth we originally fell in love with a few years back. Welcome back, Holy Esque… this album looks like a must-listening experience.

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