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— Daily Tune 05/02/2020

Hope – ‘Shame’

German dark wave band Hope surely is one of the country’s most exciting new groups of the past years, delivering one hell of a debut album with their self-titled full-length from 2017. IDLES and Algiers are already fans of the four-piece and so are we which makes us even happier that these folks are finally back with new material. Shame is an intense return but in a slightly different way than you might have expected it. It’s relatively reduced and gives the vibrating moog synthesizer all the space it needs to work along with the distinctive vocal work by singer Christine Börsch-Supan who addresses her own anorexia in this song. Shame is about overcoming the fear to talk about it and accepting something that’s not perfect in the eyes of the world but part of her character. It’s impressive, to say the least. A new album will hopefully arrive later in 2020, you can catch the band on tour with We Are The City pretty soon.

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