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— Daily Tune 30/11/2018

HUMAN – ‘Tracksuit Boy’

It somehow feels as if tracksuits never go out of style. More than that: I think they are having quite a comeback right now as they continue to establish themselves as the – if you want to call it that way – armour of the streets. As a teenager Swedish artist Daniel Adams-Ray aka the man leading behind HUMAN tried to become a part of Stockholm’s graffiti scene and a certain look was probably quite mandatory here. He says: ‘I wanted to be like the writers I looked up to, wearing tracksuits and surfing trains, but I was too anxious about continually being caught by the police to actually be respected and recognized. I was what the graffiti world call a ‘Toy’ (a wanabee).’ Still, today he made it. Following popular releases in his home country under his real name, HUMAN is a form of reinvention for the artist. ‘It’s not a band, nor a mysterious collective,’ he explains. ‘It’s an idea open for anyone.’ Tracksuit Boy is an instant pop hit, combining soul, hip hop and a catchy hookline that will quite possibly lead him to the heighest highs in the not so distant future.

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