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— Daily Tune 14/10/2021

“Sleeptight” by IMOGEN Is A Powerful Female Pop Statement

If you’re in need for a proper anthem with profound musical and lyrical substance don’t scroll any further because Sleeptight by British songwriter IMOGEN got it all … a catchy groove, a mighty hook and emotional substance that takes the whole song on a different level. The track deals with the societal treatment of women’s bodies and the reluctance we have to believe women’s accounts of misconduct. “If you don’t believe me, I hope it haunts you.” is a key mantra here. IMOGEN further explains the character of the track: “It was a conscious decision to set this anger against a big pop track. I guess I found the easiest way to process and deliver the message was to create something that people could dance and lose themselves to. My favourite pop songs are often like Trojan horses. In ‘Sleeptight’ I want people to be able to find empowerment and release.” And I think it’s safe to say that she accomplished this mission. Sleeptight is the musical exclamation mark by a truly talented new artist. IMOGEN‘s new EP Bloogbag is set for a release on October 28.

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