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— Daily Tune 28/07/2020

IYAMAH Conjures R&B Legends on Her Modern Classic “Won’t Work”

Don’t let the lo-fi cracking first bars of Won’t Work and the 90s RnB groove fool you, IYAMAH is a contemporary artist. Based in London, the singer’s voice makes her stand out amongst the many in the artist packed city. Something between Lauryn Hill and Amy Winehouse, she echoes the greats but gives it her unique edgy twist making her vocals the perfect accomplice to the soulful instrumentation. Won’t Work is an unapologetic single about female empowerment and the ability of saying “No”. Musically it is much less straight forward and merges IYAMAH’s different influences from the jazzy trumpet to funky guitar licks and a retro R&B drumbeat. Works for us!

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