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— Daily Tune 23/06/2021

Jaand Debuts With Sensual Yet Powerful Pop Anthem “Young Love”

Now, that’s quite a way to make a first impression: Swiss artist Jaand comes out of the blue and unravels a fascinating piece of sensual synthpop as her debut single. Young Love is a captivating listening experience, riding on a gentle R&B groove while keeping things sparse. But then the brass synths come into play and give the track a surprising yet logical powerful twist. But of course, it’s the artist’s quality songwriting and stunning vocal performance that guides the listener through the darkness like a human searchlight. The ghostly music video, directed by Nico Schmied, really underlines the vibe of the song. While it took him and Jaand half a year to prepare the clip the actual shooting took place at one day in the Welsh mountains with a limited crew of fourteen dancers and five crew members. It’s as minimal as it is mesmerizing – just like the music. Needless to say, we hope to hear more from Jaand in the not so distant future.

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