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— Daily Tune 12/03/2019

Jackie Charles – ‘Time Travel’

After her joyful Birthday Song already caused excitement over here back in November Berlin-based musician Katja Bremnes and her alter ego Jackie Charles are now back with another taste of her psychedelic wave pop. Time Travel unravels almost six minutes of trippy sweetness in which the musician reflects on the troubles of growing up while also constantly trying to escape from it. ‘Feasting on vampiric hues, the video endeavours to hit you straight in your minds eye,’ she explains the spaced-out visuals which perfectly fit to the song. It’s music to lose yourself and we can only assume that her forthcoming debut album Future Fantasies will deliver more from that. One day ahead of its release, on April 11, Jackie Charles celebrates it with befriended musicians Marshall Vincent, The Ghost Of Helags and Evvol in Berlin and you are happily invited to come by as well.

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