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— Daily Tune 11/07/2019

Jacob Bellens – ‘Love Is Robotic’

Over the past year’s Danish songwriter Jacob Bellens has given us wonderful records like Polyester Skin or last year’s Trail Of Intuition and still he’s flying way too low under radar of the international alternative pop scene. Listening to his sparkling new single Love Is Robotic you really have to wonder why this is the case ’cause it’s just too wonderful. Although the electrifying soul tune delivers a really warm notion it actually sees the Dane dealing with the recent loss of his father. ‘It is basically about me trying to deal with not having any parents left in a very near future,’ Bellens explains. ‘My mom died when I was 18 and my dad was never the same since. To me this song is sort of a celebration of the difficult things, and about knowing we all experience both tragedy and happiness many times throughout a lifetime.’ Well, there’s an unshakable truth in this, don’t you agree? The wonderful tune is out now via hfn music and we hope you love it as much as we do.

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