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— Daily Tune 04/02/2019

Jakuzi – ‘Şüphe’

With their 2017 debut album Fantezi Müzik Istanbul-based synthpop group Jakuzi gained the attention of a broader audience way beyond the Turkish community. The record saw the band go against what you would stereotypically expect from a male-fronted band out of Istanbul and Kutay Soyocak is still willing to do this on the follow-up Hati Payı. Thnigs haven’t gotten easier on Turkey over the past two years and life as an underground/indie band that looks beyond the country’s borders is still very challenging from an economical and personal perspective. Jakuzi are forced to share their vision with the entire world and fight against any limitations. Soyocak explains his motifs: ‘I feel dark, lost and lonely. The country that I’m living in just puts me in these feelings. The economy and politics here feels like life without hope. The future is dark for us in here. Trying to keep our hopes high and continuing what we do.’ Their new single Şüphe is a great example for that: A haunting dark and melancholic, yet irresistibly catchy piece of timeless synthpop. It’s a statement, especially with the context that it came from. Jakuzi‘s new album arrives on April the 5th via City Slang Records.

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