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— Daily Tune 18/11/2020

Jamilah Barry’s “Glitter” Is Past The Honeymoon Phase Yet Smooth as Honey

Who needs to shine when you can glitter? Jamilah Barry‘s latest release Glitter is a mellow fusion of RnB, Soul, Hip Hop, and Jazz elements. The singer raised in London and Leeds explores the eclectic spectrum of modern music making. Forming the core of the single are the warm vocals by Jamilah Barry but they rest comfortably on the electronic beat, the melodic elements added by the guitar, and the overall looseness of the jazzy structure. While she merges various influences from past to present, her musical output is urgently contemporary. On Glitter she talks about a relationship moving out of the shiny “honeymoon phase” onto face the struggles, the ups and downs that come with any human interaction. The single teases the artist’s forthcoming EP Romance Me and is accompanied by a cinematic music video conceptualized and directed by Chloe Rosolek.

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