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— Daily Tune 12/09/2019

Jeremie Albino – ‘Trouble’

This one is for all the blues fans out there desperately hunting for some raw  unpolished riffs in the 21st century. Toronto-based singer and guitarist Jeremie Albino is honoring Blues traditions and 50s rock n roll with his debut Hard Time. The entire thing is worth a spin or two but we picked Trouble, a groovy track off the LP to present to you. Raspy vocals, slurred riffs, and a beautiful harmonica melody – the kind that has almost died out – make this one the perfect ode to the blues songs the singer grew up on. Albino might have written it out of necessity within a few hours to perform at a live show but the single does not sound it. Trouble is the elaborate work of a passionate musician tracing the footsteps of the greats.

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