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— Daily Tune 04/06/2018

Jim-E Stack – ‘Somebody’

I totally for forgot how Jim-E Stack‘s Somebody ended up on my radar. Must have been some late night playlist-compiling-based Spotify scrolling. But I know what made me stay: it’s that funky and tempting 80s slap bass that makes this summerly little pop gem grooving. In the tradition of Blood Orange the American artist takes some well known 80s elements and puts them straight into the here and now. The result is this tropical treasure of a song that perfectly fits to the current summer times. Borand raised in San Francisco Jim-E Stack got a long tradition in releasing DIY music, despite only beeing 25. But he started early, released countless singles and likes to do things in his own stubborn way, it appears. Well, we surely hope to support him at least a bit by taking this sweet tune out into the world.

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