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— Daily Tune 20/05/2020

Jockstrap Play With The Listener’s Expetcations On “The City”

It’s a rare situation when a song is able to surprise you while you are still listening to it because a drastic shift/ twist within one track sounds actually easier than it is in reality. In the case of Jockstrap‘s The City that said twist does indeed come out of the blue but it’s quite a rewarding one. The track might start like a gentle and reduced piano ballad with that special Billie Eilish-like bedroom flair but after a little more than two minutes things … well, get into a different direction. No spoilers here, you have to witness it for yourself. The London-based duo consisting of Georgia Ellery and Taylor Skye will release their second EP Wicked City via acclaimed Warp Records on June 5 and fans of edgy pop adventures might find great joy in it. We surely do so keep your eyes and mostly your ears open for the next steps of Jockstrap.

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