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— Daily Tune 27/07/2020

Jonas David’s Breaks Free On Emotional New Single “All in All in All”

German songwriter Jonas David has been around the independent music scene of his home country for a decade now but considering the fact that his last (and only) studio album dates back to 2011 one might think he has been quite inactive during the past nine years but that’s not entirely true. David has been working behind the scenes a lot, producing other people’s records, working with them on musical projects, joined the Tour Of Tours indie supergroup and even released a new EP back in 2017. However, the longer this second studio album took the bigger his personal stakes became. It’s quite fitting to pick the title Goliath for the album because little Mr. David really had to wrestle with that beast for a few years. In the end he “forced” himself to get the record done during a trip to Sicilly last fall, basically for the sake of finally recording them. Thank god, he did and judging from this tender single called All In All In All we can expect a pretty epic record. Well, epic in the sense of emotional honesty because that’s basically what this song is about. It’s tremendous and if you like what you here mark August 28 in your calender because that’s when Goliath arrives.

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