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— Daily Tune 26/11/2018

Josin – ‘Once Apart’

German composer and producer Arabella Rauch got big plans for her artistic alter ego Josin and Once Apart is a testament of that. It’s a mesmerizing piece of atmospheric trip-hop pop that spreads a nocturnal notion that instantly captivates the listener. The breathtaking cinematic black and white visuals for the song only underline that impression and is way more ambitious than you might have thought. Rauch’s parents both are professional opeara singers which you somehow sense in her vocal performance but despite getting a good early musical education via this background she decided to head for a medical degree instead, only to quickly realize how much she missed music. The inner voice got louder and louder and out of it, Josin was porn and her poetic pop really needs to be heard by the entire world, don’t you think? Her debut album In The Blank Space is set for a release on January 25.

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