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— Daily Tune 27/05/2019

Just Mustard – ‘October’

Like a monstrous and haunting steam roller, this new single by Irish five-piece Just Mustard makes its way right through the ears of its listeners. October is carried by a certain feeling of discomfort, combined with a dark and nervous tension that captivates those of you who are open for noisy musical surroundings. October is the second half of a new double-single (along with the track Frank) which is out now and follows last year’s debut album Wednesday. Somehow I managed to overlook this record but you can bet your last money that I’m about to check it out as soon as possible. October’s tempting and gritty wall of sound feels like a heavy version of shoegaze and it’s pretty sure that these folks are also pretty brilliant live. We’re trying to catch them at Primavera Sound this week and you should also keep Just Mustard on your radar as well.

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