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— Daily Tune 24/06/2020

Kate Teague Addresses The Uncertainty Of “The Temporary”

While Kate Teague‘s critically praised self-titled debut EP form 2019 leaned heavily on her adept guitar work and her Oxford, MS based band this first new song of a potential follow-up release heads for a different direction. On The Temporary the musician from Mississippi embraces synthetic structures and experimental playfulness while still showcasing here profound songwriting skills. The result is a more dreamy and hypnotic affair. The song itself deals with feelings of hindrance and uneasiness about the future and although it was written before the pandemic these are fitting themes for the Corona year we’re all experiencing right now. The Temporary is a mighty slow burner, a tranquilizing piece of indie-pop daydreaming. The song is out now via Muscle Beach Records and I’m pretty sure that’s not the last time we heard from Kate Teague in 2020.

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