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— Daily Tune 14/01/2021

Katy Kirby Explores The Struggles Of Relationships On “Cool Dry Place”

Katy Kirby meditates on the struggles of navigating relationships with all of their ups and downs. Cool Dry Place is the title song of the Texas-based singer and songwriter’s debut record out later this year. Its classic indie rock instrumentation creates an atmospheric backdrop to the vocals. Starting on a quiet note the gentle guitar give way to a crashing solo of fuzzy resonating strings towards the end. Kate Kirby who learned how to sing in church choirs has a knack for honest and personal lyrics as the single shows with its confessional lines about the fear of intimacy. With Cool Dry Place we can step into the world of an aspiring indie rock artist for five minutes and it is just the right mixture of tear-jerking and heartwarming to make it addictive.

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