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— Daily Tune 03/09/2019

KAZU – ‘Meo’ (Jacques Greene Remix)

KAZU, as in Kazu Makino of Blonde Redhead, has already shared Meo a few weeks ago with the announcement of her full-length solo record Adult Baby. The minimalistic synth-ridden single is one of KAZU’s most personal explorations featured on the LP. Now, the Canadian Producer Jacques Greene gave the track his very own twist. On the house remix, the already fragile piece of music is turned into a haunting arrangement of minimalistic electronica. Displaying the full range of her artistic talent, the dynamic lyrics and layers of ethereal vocals drive KAZU’s original single to a slow build up. Even though the remix takes a step back from this intensity, it does not lose the song’s ability to crawl deep underneath the listener’s skin. You might not be sure what you are listening to, as the vocals and instruments are bent, layered, and reverbed but the tender sound collage radiates a vulnerable openness that touches. Adult Baby arrives on September 13.


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