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— Daily Tune 20/10/2020

KINO MOTEL Take Us On A Nocturnal Roadtrip With Their Debut Single “Waves”

Waves is the debut single Ed Fraser and Rosa Mercedes release as KINO MOTEL. The musicians’ new project channels dark cinematic energies reminiscent of noir-style and something between Jim Jarmusch and Tarantino. Written on the road, during an adventurous stay in Bangkok, the band infuse the song with gloomy melancholia. Picture a dusty country road in the middle of the night, no light in sight, alone behind the steering wheel of a rusty car. The two vocals harmonize beautifully over the, at first stripped back, then swelling instrumentation. Especially the raspy voice of Ed Fraser enhances the nocturnal vibes of the song. Waves has elements of a pop song but twists and turns them to something else. The band fittingly calls it “grit pop” and KINO MOTEL are certainly a duo to keep an eye out for!

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