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— Daily Tune 21/07/2020

L.A. Witch Deliver Grungy Garage Rock At Its Best On “Gen-Z”

The Los Angeles-based trio L.A. Witch just released another single, Gen-Z, ahead for their LP Play With Fire, due August 21st. Fronted by singer and guitarist Sade Sanchez, the female band unleashes grungy energy at its best. The track is concerned with the mental health issues many young people struggle with nowadays. Accompanied by the steady drums of Ellie English and the ever-present bass line of Irita Pai, the single comes together to a dark and edgy piece of unpolished garage rock. Reverbed guitars, tambourine, and the rough vocals of Sanchez turn Gen-Z into the musical equivalent of your favorite Dr. Martens boot. And heel first, these three are ready to kick in some garage (rock) doors.

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