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— Daily Tune 09/03/2021

Lady Dan Gets Deeply Personal And Existential On “I Am The Prophet”

The Austin-based singer and songwriter Lady Dan makes use of her strictly religious youth on I Am the Prophet. Behind the moniker, it is Tyler Dozier who breaks with the imposed male authority of Christianity and finally puts herself first. The exploration of her identity and creative self, make the single an outcry for freedom and the instrumentation follows the existential mood of the lyrics. Indie rock at core, I Am the Prophet plays with psychedelic elements as well as with folk using sweeping string arrangement for a dramatic effect. The swelling crescendos of the instruments guide through the hilly soundscape of the track just to explode in the dramatic peak of the chorus. While the single does have a gloomy vibe, Lady Dan crafts it to be a liberating from a dusty past.

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