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— Daily Tune 19/11/2019

Lanterns On The Lake – ‘Every Atom’

Lanterns on the Lake; already this band’s name leaves a lingering taste of bittersweet melancholia on your tongue. The five-piece from England just announced their 4th studio album Spook The Herd alongside an upcoming tour in early 2020 and shared Every Atom. The song dwells on the feeling of grief and disbelief you are faced with when somebody close to you passes away and is suddenly gone forever. Singer Hazel Wilde touchingly narrates the story of the subconscious fighting against the rational, still somehow hoping that the person is not really gone. Going as far as searching for them anywhere in time and space, she croons ‘splitting atoms to find a trace of you’. The pensive slowly dragging beat leaves a sensation of thick melancholia. Every Atom is the kind of song you want to turn into a warm cave and crawl into when you are having a bad day.

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