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— Daily Tune 10/05/2018

Laurel – ‘Lovesick’

American artist Laurel Arnell-Cullen surely took her time following her last release, 2016’s Park EP. Back then we already spoke with the talented lady and introduced her to you but since these modern times often force us to easily forget stuff, we’d like to remind you of this talented young lady once again. The reason is called Lovesick and is her first single since 2016 and also a first teaser of her debut album Dogviolet. According to Laurel the album wants to ‘capture the true mania that comes from love’ and the first single does that indeed and unfolds itself as a tender little indie-pop gem that perfectly balances between the two extrem poles ‘DIY bedroom music’ and ‘high gloss Top 40 pop’. It’s a truly charming piece of music and we surely can’t wait vor more. Dogviolet arrives on August 24 via Counter Records.

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