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— Daily Tune 02/09/2021

Le Ren Unfolds A Haunting Maternal Ode On “Dyan”

Montreal’s Le Ren has just announced her debut Leftovers (due October 15 via Secretly Canadian) and we are happy to feature the mellow single Dyan right here for your delight. Feeling like a warm, acoustic breeze, this gem is a “heartfelt dedication to her mother” and perfectly ties in to the themes of her  album, exploring relationships to mothers, lovers and friends. As soft guitar pickings front the angelic voice of Lauren Spear, the artist behind Le Ren, which is the very definition clear-cut and tender, the tune never strays of its mellow rhythmic cadence, marching in a sweet manner from start to finish. At once melancholic, mournful and yet heartfelt and moving, Le Ren unfolds a potential that makes one at least think of folk icons such as Joni Mitchell and Karen Dalton, not to speak of extraordinary contemporaries such as Laura Marling or Jessica Pratt. “When I think of leftovers, I think of things that have been cast aside”, the artist states in regards to her record. “When they’re picked back up or remembered, they can be repurposed… Leftovers came came to mean a collection of feelings and moments of the past that still remain relevant to my present”. Get your intro to this promising act right now and stay tuned for more on her soon.

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