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— Daily Tune 25/04/2019

Lea Porcelain – ‘I Am Ok’

The Ukulele is a tricky instrument. Using it outside of the traditional campfire jam sessions with friends on a mild summer evening, it often lacks seriousness, in my opinion. But Lea Porcelain proved me wrong with their latest single I Am Ok. Based solely on the sound of the ukulele, bass and vocals, the minimalistic single takes flight with the emotive lyrics. ‘Yeah, but I am okay. I am finding my way’ Markus Nicolaus and Julien Bracht sing with soaring vocals – an ode to reviving hope during hard times. The single balances the exploration of the abysses of the soul with euphoric, life-affirming vocals accompanied by uplifting Ukulele melodies, shining into even the darkest hour. A new Lea Porcelain EP that also goes by the name I Am OK arrives on June 21.

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