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— Daily Tune 26/07/2019


I’m pretty sure not every band got such luxurious recording possibilities like the LEISURE lads. Watching their new music video Man you can’t help but wonder how they could even record in such a setting. The reality however was a bit more practical. The guys rented out various apartments in far-flung corners of their native New Zealand – and that explains tha variety of places you’ll see here, from a sun-soaked villa perched atop the Pacific Ocean to a house nestled in a jagged mountain range and a makeshift recording studio in Auckland’s suburbia. The result remains great and today LEISURE are releasing their second full-length called Twister. Man is a funk-laden example of what to expect from the record – a sun-drenched genre-mix, packed with catchy grooves and psychedelic vibes. Perfect summer material and just way too fitting for a Friday like today, don’t you agree?

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