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— Daily Tune 09/04/2021

Les Enfants Sauvages Experiment With Dynamics and Melodies On “Time to Grow”

The Swiss-German trio Les Enfants Sauvages release Time To Grow, an intense ode to friendship and personal growth. The band name translates to “wild children”, and the music reflects the youthful freeing approach to music making. Guided by singer Lena Schmidt who assures that “you are not alone”, the instrumentation of Time to Grow comes together to an, at first, restrained interplay of guitar plucking and a shy beat. But the underlaying synths create a brooding melancholia foreshadowing the rupture of instruments in the later minutes of the single. Time to Grow is only the second release by the band so far, but it comes with a distinct character and plays with musical dynamics to build an undeniable urgency. Les Enfants Sauvages will release their debut LP Les on April 30th and we will definitely keep an eye on it.

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