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— Daily Tune 20/10/2021

Lily Konigsberg Pays Tribute To The Iconic “Stacy’s Mom” On Latest Single “Proud Home”

Stacy’s Mom by Fountains Of Wayne is one of the great early 00s college pop/rock anthems, right? It’s not on the same level as Teenage Dirtbag or most of Blink 182’s stuff but it definitely deserves more credit. Especially following the tragic loss of the band’s songwriter Adam Schlesginger who lost his fight against Covid-19 last week. Palberta member Lily Konigsberg is also a big fan of the tune and for her forthcoming solo album she didn’t record a cover but decided to somehow record her own about the similar topic. “This song was inspired by a fictional story I made up in my dreams about my mom being Stacy’s mom,”  she explains. “I have always loved Stacy’s Mom so much and after his death, realized he wrote a ton of his songs that I really love. Appreciation for a pop ghostwriter.Proud Home is a charming post-punk infected indie-pop gem with a mighty hook and a protagonist who’s only at the beginning of unfolding her full potential. Her debut LP Lily We Need To Talk now is out on October 29th via Wharf Cat.

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