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— Daily Tune 10/05/2021

LISTENTOJULES Delivers A Heart-Warming Ode To The Woods On “Kaleidoscope”

When was the last time you walked through a forest and took a closer look at the trees and appreciate their existence and give them a random silent applause for keeping us alive by turning CO2 into oxygen? We tend to take the trees and nature in general for granted and try to push the abstract fact that we’re slowly killing them as far away from us as possible from time to time. But we need a reminder every now and then and German songwriter LISTENTOJULES provides a really gentle one with her track Kaleidoscope. Inspired by a look at the tree trops and how the leafs and the shimmering sunlight created a kaleidoscopic effect the artist reflects on humanity’s fate, our role in all this and importance for a change. Supported by the lap steel-guitar of guitarist Kosho this song really creates a hypnotic current in which you are allowed to lose yourself. On top of it LISTENTOJULES delivers a haunting and soulful vocal performance. And if you are inspired to make a change after experiencing this gentle ballad, feel kindly invited to support Jules’ great #PlantATree challenge. With a minimum of six Euros you can get one tree up and needless to say we need every help we can find here (in case you like to know more, don’t forget to read my feature story with Martin Kohlstedt from the other week). Good cause, good song, good spirit – we need more artists like this young lady, don’t you agree?

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