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— Daily Tune 26/01/2022

Lizzy McAlpine’s “All My Ghosts” Channels Angsty Heartbreak From A Past Relationship

We already laid our eyes on US American songwriter Lizzy McAlpine before, but with the recent single All My Ghosts, the Philadelphia artist once again justifies why. Announcing her upcoming second record five seconds flat, slated for a release on April 8th, the new piece fully embraces the honest approach McAlpine is willing to take on the new songs: While the retrospective of the haunted settings of a past relationship provides the gloomy backdrop of the tune, a swelling and guitar-infected vibe gives rise to the angsty theme the songwriter addresses here. While providing the third part of one story she began on Doomsday and Erase Me, the musician showcases the emotional as well as the artistic craft we are about to witness on her upcoming sophomore full length. Grab the chance to get to know her right here, if you haven’t already done so!

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