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— Daily Tune 12/06/2019

lodet – ‘Calling’

After many years of living and working as a more mainstream-focussed songwriter in Japan the return of musician Joakim Björnberg to Stockholm also marked the start of his own new project called lodet. It’s named after his kindergarten back in Trollhättan and ther’s also a nice story that comes with that as he explains:’ Me and my friend Daniel played ‘Can’t Explain’ by The Who with the help of my dad’s cassette recording. Daniel played drums on pillows and I played guitar and sang in a microphone that gave me electrical shocks. It’s the place where I decided that I loved the image of myself as an entertainer, frontman and guitarist. I was six years old.’ And there is a certain 70s nostalgia that shines through Björnberg’s first solo single Calling. It’a s sunny piece of retro pop, carried by a relaxed feeling, a warm sound and a really sweet hook. It’s pretty impressive for a first impact and I surely hope for more lodet material later in 2019.

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