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— Daily Tune 26/06/2018

Lokoy – ‘Malibu’ (feat. Girl In Red)

Well well well, all the Norwegian stars are here. Lokoy is the solo project of Lasse Lokøy, who you’ll recognise from his day job in our favourite art-punks Sløtface. As a solo artist he’s moved into the realm of pop producer, and Malibu, his debut single, features a guest slot from Girl In Red, who’s also popped up on this site previously (and mixing from Odd Martin Skålnes of Strange Hellos). Malibu is very different territory to that in which either Lokøy or Girl In Red have trod in before. What would be dreamy air-pop is cast into something weirder by Lokøy’s production, which dabs little splashes of instrumentation and effects in and out to keep the song on its toes and ready to bounce off in different directions. It’s not quite experimental, but it’s certainly adventurous pop music, and it comes with a superb, soaring chorus. It’s out now on Propeller.

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