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— Daily Tune 15/12/2021

Los Bitchos Merge Their International Influences On “Good To Go!”

Los Bitchos revive our love for instrumental music. The four-piece hails from different musical backgrounds, nodding at 70s Anatolian rock, psychedelic Peruvian Chicha, twangy surf guitar riffs, Swedish weird pop, and British punk. All these influences meet on their latest single Good To Go!. The colorful single incorporates different instrumental styles highlighting the skill of each of the four band members Serra Petale, Agustina Ruiz, Josefine Jonsson, and Nic Crawshaw. The quartet will release their debut record Let The Festivities Begin! early next year and quite in the spirit of the title and the upbeat new release, they say “it’s about being together and having a really good time”. Los Bitchos sound like a euphoric jam session, bright and playful, and just what we need to distract from the Northern Hemisphere winter.

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