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— Daily Tune 28/09/2021

“Leave Me There” By Loupe Is Finest Late Summer Escapism

Don’t know about you but I really tend to get quite melancholic once summer ends. Especially those final moments in the sun tend to get more appreciation while also coming with a subtle bittersweet note. And for a time like this – the end of September – a song like Leave Me There from Loupe arrives just at the right time. The all-female Dutch indie rock outfit (featuring former members of the band DAKOTA) debuts with a track that was written about that feeling of joyful escapism when you just want to lie a field, on the grass or (as the music video beautifully shows) on the sand of a warm beach. It’s a song that worships the break from everyday chaos while also acknowledging that we also need that sort of chaos to keep going. It’s pure and wonderful – and definitely a reason why we all should keep Loupe on our personal radars. Their first EP Older arrives on November the 12th.