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— Daily Tune 27/10/2021

New Lucas Laufen Single “Cabin Fever” Stirs Up Post-Lockdown Melancholic Gloom

Though the pandemic isn’t quite gone for good, most of us tend to assume a retrospective gaze on what happened last year – and for those, the new Lucas Laufen tune Cabin Fever is quite a fitting throwback. Like the rest of the music world, the dreamy singer-songwriter, who only published his outstanding debut in late 2019, had to watch life passing out of his windows literally last year, which also gave the inspiration that informs the song. Serene as ever and fronted by neo-classically tinted piano arrangements, Cabin Fever almost amounts to a delicate breeze, capturing the melancholic despair of confinement and yet has quite an uplifting touch to it, a hope that stands undefeated. Based in Berlin for some time now, the songwriter confesses that the “city life has always been a compromise for me, I’ve always needed to counter it with nature. This experience cemented this idea further and made me realise how happy I am by myself in a paddock.” In that way, the tune is a lovely appreciation of reconnecting yourself with the most basic things surrounding you, challenging as the times may be. Make sure you get hooked on this one right here, as we’re sure there’s more to follow from this young man soon.



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