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— Daily Tune 09/12/2021

Lucas Laufen Teases Upcoming Sophomore Album With Poignant Single “Time Took Tolls”

Following his latest Cabin Fever, the breathtaking Time Took Tolls marks Berlin-based folk artist Lucas Laufen‘s second tease for his upcoming sophomore record Weathering. Quickly establishing his tender acoustic trademark, this lovely piece of music is a song about growing older, the flow of time and the never-ending struggle to make the most of it, often missing cores of beauty as they pass us by. “The modern world has put us us into this unnatural state of anxiety, where we are constantly looking for the the next big thing, instead of prioritising important things like the here and now, listening listening and mindfulness”, Lucas Laufen reflects on the tune. And as the softness of his voice and the magnificent flow of the nylon-stringed guitar arrangements come to a close, it is exactly this feeling of capturing a worthy moment in time that remains, even underlined by the moving music video, premiering everywhere on this day. Check it out right here and stay alert for more from this fellow on here soon!

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