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— Daily Tune 15/10/2021

Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys Give Forgotten Indie Gem “Baby” By The Babies A Gloomy Twist

Discovering tracks via mixtapes is an art form we tend to forget in the day and age of playlists where you immediately get access to all the information about the music you’re listening to. Beloved songwriter Lucy Kruger is a big mixtape fan (she even made an exclusive one for us a couple of months ago which is pretty awesome). Fellow Lost Boys member Liú Mottes (who also helped crafting the mix for us back then also introduced Lucy to Baby, an almost forgotten indie-pop gem by The Babies from 2021. She explains:I first heard this song on a mixtape Liú made for me a few months after we met, and it made me feel like a teenager. I wanted to show her, and for her to look my way, so I decided to cover it and send it to her on her birthday.” The original idea was to record it to a 4-track-cassette recorder but Lucy didn’t manage to get that version ready in time. In 2020 producer Kevin Potschien helped her to finally put it together and he also shot the footage of the songwriter biking on Berlin’s Tempelhof airfield. It’s great how she gave the dreamy original her beloved gloomy vibe. Enjoy the sweet dose of euphoria right now and make sure to place it in your next mixtape.

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