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— Daily Tune 26/03/2018

Lui Hill – ‘Revolver’

After having released his debut single 5000 Miles last November, up and coming artist Lui Hill returns with his second ouput called Revolver. Heavily influenced by the contemporary groovy neo soul sound known from artists like Nick Murphy fka Chet Faker, Lui Hill shows ambitions to step into these footsteps by mixing soul and gospel elements with synth-based indie notion, hip hop grooves and pop melodies. The song and its catchy hookline are perfectly designed to fit into radio heavy rotation. But while being suitable for the average mainstream listener, Lui Hill at the same time manages to keep up the amount of seriousness needed to perform that authentic sound, which makes this track even interesting for people who are allergic to songs with catchy refrains, that stuck in your head after first listen. There’s a different level waiting for you.

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